MDD Concept

MDD Concept

MDD Concept ( DOCTOR LIFE slimming solution )

Melting RF (ICE wrap)

Dissolution Slimming bandage (Dr. Wraps)

Drainage Air comp.+ IR heatys


The World's 1st 3 in 1 Total Slimming Solutions to complete the dissolution of "fat cells or cellulite" without any yo-yo.


ICE wrap – First & latest Heating & Cooling dual system, 3 handles tested clinically.

DOCTOR wraps – Unique protocol program tested clinically

- Presoak bandage is made by No 1. Italian brand and programmed by Korean obesity doctors for professional use.

No. 1 company of Air compression system + IR heatys (Patent)

MDD concept monitoring in 12 Korea Medical clinic

30 or 60days programs, 70~90minutes treatment time (Auto: 30~40min)



No needle! No pain

Whole body slimming concept

Skin tightening

Facial Tightening


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