Oxy Life Nova VX

Oxy Life Nova VX

Technology: Oxygen Infusion • Oxygenated Collagen Calling • Connective Tissue Massage • Vacuum Massage • Oxyendodermia • Superficial oxygenation - Oxy Spray


- Filters only O2 & compressed to a tank of 6 Litres of PURE OXYGEN with a concentration of 95%-98% PURE OXYGEN

- Facial and body treatment by means of Oxygen Infusion, ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, spots (pigmentation), cellulite and stretch marks.


- Immediate results in the treatment of wrinkles, anti-aging, pigmentation spots, cellulite accumulation and lack of tone.

- Improve Cellular metabolism

- Nourishes the intercellular lymph

- Regenerates the damaged cells

- Nourishes and feeds the connective tissue and its basal lamina

- Slows down the skin's aging process

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