Chronic Diseases of soft tissues + intrauterine detoxification + gynecological treatment + pain treatment


Shockwave also known as extracorporeal shockwave pain treatment system 

Shockwave is a mechanical wave, which has certain acoustic, optical and mechanical properties. Generalized shockwave can be seen everywhere in everyday life. For instance, shock, thunder and lightning, blast and supersonic aircraft can all generate shockwaves, all of which can be pressurized instantaneously and conducted at high speed, whereas there is a difference among them in energy, frequency and production mode. There are a flood of medical literature reports on the clinical application of shockwave and confirmations of its safety and validity. 



Chronic diseases of soft tissues: supraspinatus aponeurositis, external humeral epicondylitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, calcaneus ache, achilles aponeurositis, calcaneus arthromeningitis, subacromial arthromeningitis, bicipital tendinitis. 

Intrauterine detoxification: uterine waste, postpartum lochia, constipation, gastroenteric debility. 

Gynecological treatment: pelvic inflammation, appendagitis, vaginitis, aseptic vaginitis, pelvic congestion. 

Qi and Blood Energy Supplement: Menopause delaying, ovarian repair, qi and blood circulation promotion.


Highlights of the Device

  1. Unique air cooling technology that lengthens the service life of the machine. 
  2. A few treatment heads for choice that can be applied to different parts of body.
  3. Real-time monitoring and cloud storage of treatment parameters, for traceable management of the operation effect.
  4. Super advanced DJM IOT & AI system that makes a remote fault diagnosis, offers remote education and training to beauticians, conducts remote consumables management, seamlessly connected with payment systems (Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, Apple Pay) 
  5. Luxurious 10.3" ultra large touch screen, Android, life long free upgrade
  6. Modularized internal structure, excellent in quality from outside as per German Industry 4.0!



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