2 in 1 Plasma & Galvanic

Tonisure is a 2 in 1 personal home care device that can be used in a simple tip replacement format with plasma and galvanic functions. In addition to improvement of acne and atopic problems through the sterilization effect of plasma function, it opens the hole instantaneously to the skin cell and penetrates the dermis of the good polymer components such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin to the dermis, and provides trouble relieving effect, wrinkle improvement and brightening effect.

TONISURE Composition

10 minutes a day TONISURE HOME CARE! You can feel changed skin. Use it every morning and evening in the basic care stage. It can be used with all functional cosmetics that you are using now, not only exclusive cosmetics. From the cleansing stage to the basic care stage, using TONISURE together with all the cosmetics will help absorb the active ingredients of functional cosmetics that can left on the surface of the skin.



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